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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is just around the corner! Time to get your house in shape for the colder months ahead. Use this handy guide to keep your house and property in peak condition this winter.


☐ Check the foundation for cracks. ☐ Repair peeling or blistering paint.

☐ Inspect the roof for missing or loose shingles. ☐ Repair and seal driveway. ☐ Clean gutters and downspouts. ☐ Caulk windows and weatherstrip doors.

☐ Remove and store screens. ☐ Install storm windows and doors.


☐ Have heating system checked. ☐ Change batteries in smoke and CO detectors.

☐ Ready the fireplace. ☐ Check windows for drafts, loose frames, or cracked panes. ☐ Vacuum air filters. ☐ Remove window air conditioners and cover outdoor units.

Yard and Garden

☐ Plant spring flowering bulbs. ☐ Drain fuel from gas-operated lawn equipment. ☐ Reseed patchy areas of the lawn. ☐ Clean and store summer garden tools. ☐ Drain hoses and shut off outdoor water valves. ☐ Fertilize the lawn. ☐ Ready snow removal equipment.

Porch and Deck Area ☐ Check porch and deck supports, stairs and railings.

☐ Clean and apply sealer to decks. ☐ Cover and store outdoor furniture, barbecues, etc. ☐ Empty dirt from flower pots and containers.

Contact us if you need any assistance with completing these tasks!

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